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brand horizon

Leading the present, Shaping the future

The Persona

Her strengths :

  • A passion and grit for challenges and resilience to crisis, no matter how daunting
  • Unique combination of Talent in Executive Leadership, Finance Management and Brand Management
  • A natural ability to reach out and connect with people that helps to unleash the best in teams

Her learnings:

  • Let go small battles if you want to win bigger battles
  • You can’t start next chapter if you keep reading the previous ones
  • Takes years to build a brand and moments to destroy.
  • Serve your customers so well that they begin to co-create your brand for you

Her hobbies:

  • Reading and Music
  • She loses no opportunity to pack up bags and set out on short get away.
  • She loves meaningful networking that builds associations that can make her a better person than she is.

Her favourites :

  • A book that has shaped her life – “Secret” - Rhonda Byrne
  • A Poem that has inspired her - “IF” – By Rudyard Kipling
  • A Song that has influenced her – “I did it My Way “– sung by Frank Sinatra